How often should I be washing my hair?

Everyone wants to have great hair. Even those who do not have much here at all. They go to have it cut at their favourite stylist, maybe even colour their hair to try to get the best possible look.

Part of having great hair is ensuring that you care for it. That means protecting it from harsh chemicals, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and harsh weather conditions. It also means knowing when to wash her hair, something that many people probably do far more often than they should. So, the question is, how often should you wash your hair?

What Shampoo Does?

To answer that question, it starts with understanding the basics of how shampoo works. What shampoo does is travel oils, capturing them so they are removed from your hair. If you wash your hair too often, then you were going to find that it dries out, making an unmanageable, maybe even causing it to break.

Your hair produces natural oils called Sebum. It is important that you still have this oil in your hair, but not too much of it. Some shampoos can take out too much of the oil. Others leave residue that is harmful you for your hair.



Who Needs to Wash Daily?

It is with this understanding of how shampoo works and the effect that it has on your hair that helps to determine how often you should wash your hair. There are some who should wash their hair daily. Those with very fine hair who exercise a lot and who live in locations where there is high humidity are the ones who should wash their hair more frequently. It is likely that they are more prone to have an oily scalp, making daily washing needed.

Since there is little impact on the hair, the bigger concern becomes the effect of oils on the scalp. This can lead to blocked pores, which can lead to a serious issue with acne. Washing more frequently helps to alleviate that.

Who Should Wash Every Few Days?

That first group is a small number of people, probably about three or 4%. That means that the vast majority of people fall into the remaining class. This group should be looking to wash her hair every few days at most.

Since they have thicker hair, there is a greater need for more oil in the hair to nourish and protect it. These people want to make sure that they have the healthiest hair possible, so leaving oil in the hair is beneficial for them. This prevents dry, brittle hair, meaning it should be wash no more than once every three or four days.

One More Note

Also keep in mind that washing is more than just about how often you should shampoo your hair. It also is about how long you should leave the shampoo in your hair. Some shampoos have active ingredients in them that work more the longer they are in your hair. This is great if you are looking to remove oils and debris, but if you are a person who has issues with dry, brittle hair, you could be exacerbating the situation.

You need to ensure you are protecting your hair. This starts by knowing what type of hair you have, then washing it accordingly.