From Frizz to Fabulous: Taming Unruly Hair with Expert Hairdresser Techniques

Many people fight every day with unruly hair that is often frizzy, tangled, and hard to control. People have tried a lot of products and treatments to get hair that is smooth, shiny, and easy to handle, but the real key is to go to a professional hairdresser. In this blog, we’ll look at the expert techniques hairdressers use to make frizzy hair look great, showing how both art and science go into taming even the wildest manes.


Find Out What’s Going On: What Causes Frizz?

Before we talk about how to fix frizz, it’s important to know why it happens. Frizz is often caused by the cuticle, the top layer of the hair, becoming rough and raised. This lets wetness from the air get into the hair shaft, which makes the hair swell and get frizzy. Dryness, humidity, styling with too much heat, and even pressure from some fabrics can make this problem worse.


A hairdresser appointment is the first step towards change

A skilled assessment from your hairdresser is the first step on the road from frizzy to fabulous. Hairdressers with a lot of experience can quickly tell what kind of hair you have, how it feels, and what your worries are. They will look at the hair’s porosity, thickness, and flexibility to figure out how to best help each person. This step makes sure that a personalised treatment plan is made that takes into account the unique problems that come with having frizzy hair.


Water and moisture

One of the most basic things hairdressers do is make sure the hair has the right amount of wetness. Hair that is well-hydrated is less likely to frizz because it doesn’t take as much moisture from the air. To keep a healthy balance of moisture, hairdressers often suggest sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that moisturise the hair.

Professional Treatments for Conditioning: Replenishing Vital Nutrients

Deep moisturising treatments are often used by hairdressers to get rid of frizz. These products put important nutrients into the hair, which repairs damage and smooths the cuticle. High-quality salon-grade products are carefully chosen based on the hair’s unique needs. This helps restore its natural shine and manageability.


How to Blow-Dry Your Hair: Taming the Tresses

Blow-drying your hair might seem like a simple step, but when done by a skilled hairdresser, it can change the way your hair looks. With the right tools and heat settings, hairdressers can make hair smooth and full while keeping frizz under control. A diffuser attachment helps spread heat evenly, which keeps hair from getting too frizzy and keeps its natural structure.


The Power of Professional Styling Products: Securing the Look

Professional hairdressers use a variety of styling tools that are made for different types of hair. From serums and creams to sprays that stop frizz, these products help seal the surface of the hair, lock in moisture, and protect it from the outside world. Hairdressers often teach their clients the right way to use products so they can get salon-quality results at home. We prefer to maintain healthy hair with organic and sustainable hair products. We are a brand ambassador for the Natulique range who thrive in delivering 98.5% organic ingredients and have been also ECO certified.


Unruly hair can only be tamed by professionals who have the right mix of art, science, and experience. By knowing what causes frizz, doing thorough evaluations, and using special techniques, these professionals can turn even the unruliest hair into gorgeous locks that show confidence and style. So, the next time you have trouble with frizz, you might want to talk to a skilled hairdresser who can show you how to make your hair look great and be easy to handle.

Common Hair Problems and Natural Solutions: Vegan Hair Products for Hair Repair

Vegan Hair Products Can Do Wonders

Hair that is healthy, shiny, and easy to maintain is a common goal for many people. The desired look, however, can frequently be hampered by various common hair problems issues like damage, frizz, and dryness. Fortunately, there are all-natural answers to these problems. You can nourish your hair with plant-based ingredients and stay away from harsh chemicals by incorporating vegan hair products into your hair care routine.

We will discuss common hair problems and their all-natural fixes by using vegan hair products for hair repair.


Dry and Dehydrated Hair

Moisture-less and frequently looking lifeless and dull, dry hair lacks lustre. Restoring hydration and vitality can be accomplished with the help of vegan hair products. Consider the following:


  • Moisturising Shampoos: Look for vegan shampoos made with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, or shea butter. These components support healthier-looking hair by rehydrating the hair and replenishing moisture.
  • Treatments for Deep Conditioning: Vegan deep conditioners enriched with plant-based oils like argan oil, avocado oil, or olive oil can intensely hydrate and nourish dry hair. Regular use can improve moisture retention and restore shine and softness.

Damaged and Brittle Hair

The use of heat styling tools, chemical treatments, and exposure to the elements are just a few examples of the many things that can harm hair. Hair damage can be strengthened and repaired with the aid of vegan hair products. Consider the following:


  • Repairing Hair Masks: Choose vegan hair masks that contain quinoa protein, bamboo extract, or plant-based keratin substitutes. These components may be able to strengthen and resiliency damaged hair strands by repairing and rebuilding them.
  • Leave-in conditioners: Natural oils and plant-based proteins can be used to create vegan leave-in conditioners that can continuously hydrate and shield hair from damage. They enhance the general health of your hair and help make it more manageable, less brittle, and breakable.

Frizzy and Unruly Hair

Hair frizz is a common problem, particularly in humid environments or for people with naturally curly or wavy hair. Frizz can be controlled and smoother, and more manageable hair can be encouraged with vegan hair products. Consider these things:


  • Smoothing Serums: Look for serums that are vegan and have added ingredients like rosehip, jojoba, or argan oil. Without adding weight to the hair, these thin serums can help reduce frizz, add shine, and give the hair a sleek and polished appearance.
  • Creams for defining curls: For people with curly or wavy hair, vegan creams for defining curls can help enhance natural curl patterns while lowering frizz. These creams commonly include nourishing botanical extracts that encourage well-defined, bouncy curls.


Using natural remedies to treat common hair issues is advantageous for the health of your hair as well as compatible with a vegan and environmentally responsible lifestyle. Repairing dryness, damage, and frizz while promoting healthier and more vibrant hair is possible by incorporating vegan hair products into your routine. From moisturizing shampoos to repairing masks and frizz-taming serums, vegan hair products offer effective solutions without compromising on ethical values. Explore our range of vegan hair products. Nourish your hair with natural solutions, promoting repair, and vitality. Discover the power of vegan hair care today at Jorge Viota Hairdressers and Barbers.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair with Organic Hair Products

Organic Hair Products

Organic hair products are one way to maintain beautiful, healthy hair. Natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, essential oils, and herbs, are used to make organic hair products, which are kind to your hair and scalp. They are free of potentially dangerous ingredients like parabens, sulphates, and synthetic fragrances that can irritate skin and cause allergic reactions.

Being constantly exposed to harsh chemicals, pollutants, and other environmental factors that can harm your hair makes it difficult to maintain healthy hair. Despite the market’s abundance of hair care products, the majority of them contain synthetic chemicals that can further harm your hair by robbing it of its natural oils.


Some advantages of using organic hair products include:

  • Naturally nourishing your hair

Natural ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can nourish your hair and encourage hair growth are used to make organic hair products. They contain essential oils that can moisturize and strengthen your hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and healthy, like argan oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil.

  • Prevent hair damage

The gentleness of organic hair products on your hair and scalp can help you avoid hair damage brought on by harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. They have all-natural ingredients that can heal and soothe your scalp, lowering your risk of developing dandruff, itching, and other conditions of the scalp.

  • Environmentally friendly

Organic hair products are long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Since harmful chemicals and pesticides can harm the environment and your health, they are not used in the production of the natural ingredients that make up these products. Additionally, they are packaged in biodegradable materials that can cut down on waste and pollution.


Maintaining Healthy Hair

Here are some pointers on how to maintain healthy hair naturally:

  1. Wash your hair regularly

Regular hair washing is essential to get rid of pollutants, oil, and dirt that can build up on your scalp and hair. But excessive hair washing can deplete your hair’s natural oils, leaving it dry and damaged. It is advised to wash your hair with a gentle, organic shampoo two to three times per week.

  1. Condition your hair

After shampooing, conditioning your hair is essential to nourish and moisturize it, leaving it soft and manageable. Shea butter, aloe vera, and chamomile are a few examples of natural ingredients found in organic conditioners that can hydrate and strengthen hair.

  1. Use a natural hair mask

Your hair can receive deep conditioning and nourishment from a natural hair mask, becoming smooth, shiny, and healthy. Using organic ingredients like avocado, honey, and coconut oil, you can create your homemade hair mask, or you can purchase a ready-made organic hair mask.

  1. Avoid heat styling

The natural oils in your hair are stripped away by heat-styling tools like flat irons and curling irons, which can lead to breakage and damage. If you must use heat styling tools, use them sparingly and protect your skin with a heat protectant spray.

  1. Trim your hair regularly

Regular hair trimming is necessary to remove split ends and stop further harm. To keep your hair strong and healthy, it is advised that you trim it every 6 to 8 weeks.

Finally, having healthy hair is important for your overall health. Organic hair products can help you achieve healthy, beautiful hair without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. You can achieve the hair you’ve always wanted while also being environmentally conscious and sustainable if you follow these tips on how to maintain healthy hair with organic hair products.

At Jorge Viota Hairdressers Brunswick, we provide a variety of organic hair care products that are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Our products contain natural ingredients that are kind to your hair and scalp, leaving it healthy, shiny, and beautiful. We also provide professional hair care services tailored to your specific needs, using only the best organic hair care products on the market.

Consider switching to organic hair care products if you’re looking for a sustainable and natural way to maintain healthy hair. You can enjoy gorgeous, healthy hair while also preserving the environment thanks to the advantages of natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. At Jorge Viota Hairdressing, you can rely on us to give you the best organic hair care options.

How often should I be washing my hair?

Everyone wants to have great hair. Even those who do not have much here at all. They go to have it cut at their favourite stylist, maybe even colour their hair to try to get the best possible look.

Part of having great hair is ensuring that you care for it. That means protecting it from harsh chemicals, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and harsh weather conditions. It also means knowing when to wash her hair, something that many people probably do far more often than they should. So, the question is, how often should you wash your hair?

What Shampoo Does?

To answer that question, it starts with understanding the basics of how shampoo works. What shampoo does is travel oils, capturing them so they are removed from your hair. If you wash your hair too often, then you were going to find that it dries out, making an unmanageable, maybe even causing it to break.

Your hair produces natural oils called Sebum. It is important that you still have this oil in your hair, but not too much of it. Some shampoos can take out too much of the oil. Others leave residue that is harmful you for your hair.



Who Needs to Wash Daily?

It is with this understanding of how shampoo works and the effect that it has on your hair that helps to determine how often you should wash your hair. There are some who should wash their hair daily. Those with very fine hair who exercise a lot and who live in locations where there is high humidity are the ones who should wash their hair more frequently. It is likely that they are more prone to have an oily scalp, making daily washing needed.

Since there is little impact on the hair, the bigger concern becomes the effect of oils on the scalp. This can lead to blocked pores, which can lead to a serious issue with acne. Washing more frequently helps to alleviate that.

Who Should Wash Every Few Days?

That first group is a small number of people, probably about three or 4%. That means that the vast majority of people fall into the remaining class. This group should be looking to wash her hair every few days at most.

Since they have thicker hair, there is a greater need for more oil in the hair to nourish and protect it. These people want to make sure that they have the healthiest hair possible, so leaving oil in the hair is beneficial for them. This prevents dry, brittle hair, meaning it should be wash no more than once every three or four days.

One More Note

Also keep in mind that washing is more than just about how often you should shampoo your hair. It also is about how long you should leave the shampoo in your hair. Some shampoos have active ingredients in them that work more the longer they are in your hair. This is great if you are looking to remove oils and debris, but if you are a person who has issues with dry, brittle hair, you could be exacerbating the situation.

You need to ensure you are protecting your hair. This starts by knowing what type of hair you have, then washing it accordingly.

This is Why You Should be Using Organic Hair Products

Your hair is one of the most important parts of your look. It is one of the first things that people notice about you, and you want to look its best. Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, you want your hair styled and cut so that it helps to make you look attractive. This is why many will spend a large amount of money, maybe even hundreds of dollars to have their hair manicured by a hair specialist at an organic hair salon. They want to look absolutely amazing.

However, taking care of your hair is not just about going to the salon. It is about taking care of your hair in between cuts and styles. This is why you should make sure you use organic care products. There are many benefits to using these products, as this article explains about natural hair products and their importance.


Makes for Healthier Hair

One of the most important things that organic care products do is create healthier hair. Your hair is impacted by H, but it is also damaged by weather, heat, your activities, and even the products you use in your hair. Many gels and shampoos are not the best, actually doing more damage than good.

This is why you want to look at using organic care products. They help to improve the health of your hair, even if you are used to blow drying and styling it on a regular basis. The products will help to nourish your hair, helping to make it stronger and healthier.



A Much Better Value

While organic care products may be more expensive than traditional hair products you buy in the store, the reality is that they save you a lot of money in the long run. First, you do not have to use as much of the organic product than you would other brands, meaning less of the product is use each time you wash, rinse, style, or condition.

In addition, they protect your hair meaning you will not need products to help replenish and renew your hair. This saves you money as well, making your investment in these organic products a much wiser one.


Safer to Use

One other thing for you to consider is that organic products are much safer to use. For those who suffer from allergies or whose skin can get irritated, they are going to find that organic products do not cause your body to react in a negative way like some of the other products might. They do not contain harsh chemicals and perfumes, making them ideal for those who have skin conditions and allergies.

One other safety factor to consider is that organic products are much safer for the environment. Because they do not contain harsh chemicals and minerals, they do not damage rivers, soil, or other natural areas. They are biodegradable, breaking apart and simply dissolving without causing any harm. For those looking to stay green, this is the perfect choice.

To be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many benefits of using organic care products, and you will quickly find that this is the very best choice for you. If you are not sure which products to buy, talk it over with your hairstylist the next time that you are getting a cut and style.

Why it’s Better to Get Your Hair Straightened at the Hairdresser

Managing straight hair is easier than frizzy hair. This is the reason why people with unmanageable, frizzy hair often straighten their hair. While every type of hair has got its own charm and beauty but you just can’t match the class of silky, smooth, straight hair. Straightening your hair, therefore, offers 2 benefits at once; your hair becomes manageable and looks prettier.

Most people straighten their hair at home. Hair straighteners are readily available in the market at every price point, so no matter what your budget, you can find a hair straightener and straighten your hair in the comfort of your home.

But straightening your hair at home won’t give you the best results. It’s always better to get your hair straightened at the hairdresser.

Read this blog post to know why going to a hairdresser to get your hair straightened is a better idea.

Professional Equipment

The hair straighteners that hairdressers use are of a professional level. They’re nothing like the straighteners you use at home. Professional-level hair straighteners straighten your hair much better than how you straighten your hair at home.

One of the biggest problems with straightening your hair at home is unevenness. Some strands of your hair will appear straighter than others, which would affect the overall look of your hair. However, when you get your hair straightened at the hairdresser with a professional hair straightener, the result will be evenly straightened hair.

Better Results

As we’ve said above, hairdressers use professional-level hair straightening equipment that delivers much better results than what you can achieve by straightening your hair at home. The results are better, but your hair straightening lasts longer as well.

Unlike at-home hair straightening, hair straightening done at the hairdresser is more extensive and is done using more powerful hair straighteners, which ensures that the results last for several days. The straightening you do yourself is only good for a few hours. No wonder the frizz starts to appear even before the party gets over!

Less Damage to Hair

Exposing your hair to too much heat can damage your hair significantly. The damage to hair due to heat is irreparable and can leave your hair looking dry and damaged permanently. However, when you go to the hairdresser to get your hair straightened, the hairdresser will use heat protective serum on your hair before applying hair.

This means when you go to the hairdresser to get your hair straightened, not only will you get flawlessly straight hair that will stay straight for longer, but your hair will also be protected from damage due to heat.

Now that you know going to a hairdresser to get your hair straightened is a better idea, the challenge is to find the right hairdresser to do it for you. You shouldn’t trust just anyone to work on your hair because any mistakes can leave your hair permanently damaged.

You can get your hair straightened at Jorge Viota Hairdressers and Barbers without worrying about your hair getting damaged or money going to waste! You can trust us, and we won’t let you down!

What are the Benefits of Using Natural and Vegan Hair Products?

The beauty section of supermarkets is full of hair care products. From cheap, locally-made products to imported, high-end ones, you’ll come across plenty of hair products. No matter how high-end your shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask are, they just can’t beat the benefits that natural hair products offer. Hair products, either local or imported, are loaded with chemicals that can affect the health of your hair. You may not notice them now, but in the long run, these chemical-laden hair products are doing you more bad than good.

Don’t lose hope just yet. There’s a massive range of natural and vegan hair products that you can use and be stunned with the benefits they’ve got to offer. Vegan is a lifestyle that isn’t restricted to the type of food you eat, but it also extends to the products you use, and we kid you not; the benefits of going vegan, even with your hair, are tremendous!


Just like vegan food products, vegan hair products are free of any animal-derived ingredients. No animals are harmed during the manufacture or testing of these products. You can use vegan hair products for your benefit without feeling any guilt because there’s no reason for it with vegan hair products.


Vegan hair products are environment-friendly. They are made of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients, unlike synthetic chemicals, are biodegradable and cause the environment minimal harm. Not only are vegan hair products made using natural ingredients, but they’re also packed in recyclable packaging, which ensures that your contribution to waste generation is minimum.

Gentle for Hair

Vegan products offer more benefits to your hair. Since they don’t contain harsh, synthetic chemicals, they’re gentler. Some common ingredients that are present in regular shampoos include sodium lauryl sulphate, which is what causes the shampoo to form foam. Although it gives a sense that the shampoo is cleaning your hair, sulphates are actually very bad for your hair. They can cause the hair to become dull and dry and may even cause irritation of the eyes and skin. Regular shampoos also contain silicone and parabens, both of which can be harmful to the hair.

But that’s not the case with vegan hair products. They’re free of all the chemicals that may harm your hair and make them look dull, dry, and damaged. Natural hair products contain plant-derived, highly nourishing ingredients that enhance the overall health and appearance of your hair.

Smell Better

Vegan hair products smell more natural and refreshing, and why wouldn’t they? They’re loaded with natural extracts from fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Unlike the regular chemical shampoos that smell either too natural to feel real or overwhelmingly chemical, vegan products smell more pleasant.

These are just some of the many benefits of vegan hair products. If you’re planning to switch to vegan hair products, make sure to check certified labels on the packaging before you buy because there may be several deceptive products sitting on the shelves.