Why it’s Better to Get Your Hair Straightened at the Hairdresser

Managing straight hair is easier than frizzy hair. This is the reason why people with unmanageable, frizzy hair often straighten their hair. While every type of hair has got its own charm and beauty but you just can’t match the class of silky, smooth, straight hair. Straightening your hair, therefore, offers 2 benefits at once; your hair becomes manageable and looks prettier.

Most people straighten their hair at home. Hair straighteners are readily available in the market at every price point, so no matter what your budget, you can find a hair straightener and straighten your hair in the comfort of your home. 

But straightening your hair at home won’t give you the best results. It’s always better to get your hair straightened at the hairdresser. 

Read this blog post to know why going to a hairdresser to get your hair straightened is a better idea. 

Professional Equipment

The hair straighteners that hairdressers use are of a professional level. They’re nothing like the straighteners you use at home. Professional-level hair straighteners straighten your hair much better than how you straighten your hair at home. 

One of the biggest problems with straightening your hair at home is unevenness. Some strands of your hair will appear straighter than others, which would affect the overall look of your hair. However, when you get your hair straightened at the hairdresser with a professional hair straightener, the result will be evenly straightened hair.

Better Results

As we’ve said above, hairdressers use professional-level hair straightening equipment that delivers much better results than what you can achieve by straightening your hair at home. The results are better, but your hair straightening lasts longer as well.

Unlike at-home hair straightening, hair straightening done at the hairdresser is more extensive and is done using more powerful hair straighteners, which ensures that the results last for several days. The straightening you do yourself is only good for a few hours. No wonder the frizz starts to appear even before the party gets over!

Less Damage to Hair

Exposing your hair to too much heat can damage your hair significantly. The damage to hair due to heat is irreparable and can leave your hair looking dry and damaged permanently. However, when you go to the hairdresser to get your hair straightened, the hairdresser will use heat protective serum on your hair before applying hair. 

This means when you go to the hairdresser to get your hair straightened, not only will you get flawlessly straight hair that will stay straight for longer, but your hair will also be protected from damage due to heat. 

Now that you know going to a hairdresser to get your hair straightened is a better idea, the challenge is to find the right hairdresser to do it for you. You shouldn’t trust just anyone to work on your hair because any mistakes can leave your hair permanently damaged.

You can get your hair straightened at our hair salon in Brunswick without worrying about your hair getting damaged or money going to waste! You can trust us, and we won’t let you down!

Top 6 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Does that bouncy and voluminous hair in a haircare TV commercial seem like a far-fetched dream to you?

Don’t worry.

In this post, we share the top six tips to keep your hair shiny, smooth and healthy, so your far-fetched dream transforms into reality.

1. Wash Your Hair Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny is to keep them free from dirt and excess oil, and that’s why we recommend washing your hair regularly. How frequently you should wash your hair depends on your hair type, the kind of exposure your hair receives and your personal preference. However, washing them twice a week may suffice if you have dry hair, whereas oily hair and oily scalp may require frequent washing, such as washing on alternate days.

2. Choose Chemical-Free Hair Products

Another important tip to keep your hair healthy is to use chemical-free hair products. This includes using chemical-free or gentler shampoo and conditioners so you can keep your hair healthy.

3. Condition Your Hair Appropriately

While many people may be aware that using a conditioner is important for your hair to keep them smooth, straight and manageable. However, they may not be aware of how to use the conditioner appropriately. When using a conditioner, don’t forget that you should apply it on the hair tips only and not on the scalp. Lavishly apply the conditioner on the tips of your hair and make sure to rinse it off thoroughly following the application.

4. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

The use of excessive heat to dry your hair can damage your scalp and hair, so it is important to let your hair dry naturally when you wash providing it is warm to do you, we don’t want you getting sick! While occasional use of styling tools may not be detrimental to your hair health, it is best to let your hair dry naturally after shampoo.

Moreover, when letting your hair dry naturally, make sure you avoid harsh rubbing with a towel as it can also damage your hair.

5. Oil Your Hair Regularly

Oiling plays an integral role in keeping your hair healthy as it can boost blood circulation on your scalp, relax your muscles and nourish your hair. Oiling also helps restore lost moisture content due to environmental exposure and aids in repairing split ends while boosting hair growth.

Some of the best oils for your hair include olive oil, castor oil, almond oil and coconut oil.

6. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Last on the list of top tips to keep your hair healthy is the regular trimming of your hair. Make sure you go for your hair trimmed once every 8-12 weeks. Regular trimming aids in getting rid of split ends and also allow your hair to grow faster and healthier.

However, to get the most of the benefits from hair trimming, make sure you work with a professional hairdresser who can guide you about the best products and practices for maintaining healthy hair. To learn more about how you can improve your hair health, get in touch with Jorge Viota Hairdressers and Barbers

What are the Benefits of Using Natural and Vegan Hair Products?

The beauty section of supermarkets is full of hair care products. From cheap, locally-made products to imported, high-end ones, you’ll come across plenty of hair products. No matter how high-end your shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask are, they just can’t beat the benefits that natural hair products offer. Hair products, either local or imported, are loaded with chemicals that can affect the health of your hair. You may not notice them now, but in the long run, these chemical-laden hair products are doing you more bad than good.

Don’t lose hope just yet. There’s a massive range of natural and vegan hair products that you can use and be stunned with the benefits they’ve got to offer. Vegan is a lifestyle that isn’t restricted to the type of food you eat, but it also extends to the products you use, and we kid you not; the benefits of going vegan, even with your hair, are tremendous!

Cruelty-Free Hair Products

Just like vegan food products, vegan hair products are free of any animal-derived ingredients. No animals are harmed during the manufacture or testing of these products. You can use vegan hair products for your benefit without feeling any guilt because there’s no reason for it with vegan hair products.

Environment-Friendly For Your Hair

Vegan hair products are environment-friendly. They are made of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients, unlike synthetic chemicals, are biodegradable and cause the environment minimal harm. Not only are vegan hair products made using natural ingredients, but they’re also packed in recyclable packaging, which ensures that your contribution to waste generation is minimum.

Natural and Vegan Hair Products are Gentle for your Hair

Vegan products offer more benefits to your hair. Since they don’t contain harsh, synthetic chemicals, they’re gentler. Some common ingredients that are present in regular shampoos include sodium lauryl sulphate, which is what causes the shampoo to form foam. Although it gives a sense that the shampoo is cleaning your hair, sulphates are actually very bad for your hair. They can cause the hair to become dull and dry and may even cause irritation of the eyes and skin. Regular shampoos also contain silicone and parabens, both of which can be harmful to the hair.

But that’s not the case with vegan hair products. They’re free of all the chemicals that may harm your hair and make them look dull, dry, and damaged. Natural hair products contain plant-derived, highly nourishing ingredients that enhance the overall health and appearance of your hair.

And of course, it smells better

Vegan hair products smell more natural and refreshing, and why wouldn’t they? They’re loaded with natural extracts from fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Unlike the regular chemical shampoos that smell either too natural to feel real or overwhelmingly chemical, vegan products smell more pleasant.

These are just some of the many benefits of vegan hair products. If you’re planning to switch to vegan hair products, make sure to check certified labels on the packaging before you buy because there may be several deceptive products sitting on the shelves.