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We are a Boutique Hairdressing Salon and Barbers Shop, located in the heart of Brunswick East. Our goal is to deliver quality hair service by ensuring clients leave our salon, completly satisfied and pleased.

At Jorge Viota hairdressing and Barbers, we believe in the importance of delivering comfort, professionalism amongst a friendly atmosphere. We proudly use eco-friendly products Natulique, who thrive in delivering 98.5% organic ingredients and have been ECO certified. We love their range of beautiful colours they offer and we use them with pride. Visit their website  

We have recently introduced to our hair salon, a new range of Men’s products Barberian Men’s Grooming. Owner, Jorge Viota has come up with this concept and created a cool range of organic products such as Beard Oil, Moustache Pomade and Hair Pomade. Available in our store or you can shop online at


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Salons that are popular and successful often have a lot of things in common.  To some it is through the recruiting of good workers and staying aware of the most recent famous haircuts and recent trends. There is a careful balancing act that we do in order to keep the new customers coming in with recent trends and also keeping the existing customers happy to create loyalty in our hair salon.

Competition among salons means that standing out among the crowd is challenging but it’s also how a salon can reach to the top. Our studies are what got us into the profession we love, and continuing education courses and upgrading our skills every year is what helps us as a hair salon to grow. We’ve put together the top five of the characteristics you will find when you use our hairdressing services.

-Every customer is special to us and we treat them as such
Delivering on our promise of a good haircut or colour is simply not enough. We really work hard to make sure you are happy and treated well by making you the centre of our attention. If you need a magazine, hot drink, loyalty cards you name it and your wish become our command. We know that not every customer has the same personality that’s why we make sure we can adapt to suit your style and needs throughout the course of your visit with us. Our goal is to turn each of our customers into our raving fans after the first visit.

-Latest technology
Along with the latest training and skills, we also use the latest and best technology so when it’s your appointment we have automated reminders so you never miss your appointment. From scheduling to automation technology is a bit part of our hair salon and how it runs so smooth and effortlessly.

-Hygiene & Cleanliness
We know that when our customers walk into our hair salon that they feel contempt in our salon because it is always kept in pristine, tip top shape when it comes to cleanliness. After every client we clean up fast and efficiently so to have a fresh clean space ready and waiting for the next person. Cleaning up the hair from the floor to make sure the equipment is sterilized and cleaned after every use. Our hairdressers also take pride in their professional and clean appearance.

-Good communication
We communicate very well with our customers and employees to ensure that everything runs smoothly and everyone is clear about what kind of service they will receive and how much it will cost. If there are any concerns or opportunities to make your visit better we aim to communicate that immediately and directly with the customers. Building rapport and learning about our customers is also very important to us as we develop long term relationships with our clients we want to know, understand you and make you feel as part of the family.

-Having great hairdressers
Having amazing hairdressers on the team means that we select staff that are both skilled and fit within the business model and are prepared to go the extra mile for our customers. We always have a  prepared list of questions we ask to qualify the person and personality of the new staff member to ensure they will be happy to work in our team.

-Keep an eye on growth indicators
This means keeping an eye on your salon revenue week to week and month to month, this is the main indicator of a successful hair salon. We know that when we generate consistent growth each month that we are managing our customers and staff well. This is a top priority for us to grow. Consistent bookings, referrals and new business are what keeps the wheels turning in our salon.

If you are like to get your hair done by one of the best salons in Melbourne, come in and say hello today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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