About Jorge

Specialising in: Cut /Color  and Curly Hair Specialist

Jorge Viota’s Philosophy in hairstyling , is to -tailored to each individual.

Everyone has different hair , face shape ,hair texture, skin color  life style, dress sense, presentation for job requirements etc.

It is important to consider all these factors to design a tailored  look to suit the individual.

Yes Photos help a-lot about understanding what our customer likes and wants.

But sometimes “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” 

“Mic Jagger”

Jorge Believes in inter-relationships with his Customers.

“I want to be your hairdresser”  “Jorge Viota”

From Haircutting and Colouring , Styling, Music, Art,Books,  Interior Design, Plants ,Health Yoga, nontoxic products and salon etc .These are all the components which make Jorge Viota Hairdressing different to all other Hairdressers in Brunswick.

Traveling around the world as the artistic Director for Natulique Australia.

It has given Jorge the opportunity to constant remain inspired.

Hairdressing Education 

Hairstyling, Principal Hairdresser and Manager/Owner
Education and Training

Artistic &  Technical Educator for Natulique Australia ,US and Canada

Previews  Salons

2011 Jorge Viota Hairdressing OPEN 

Manage, develop and train staff and educators

1992 Sogo Hairdressing Art Director/ Part Owner Manage, develop and train staff and educators Hairdressing Education 

1982/2001 Art Director/ Part Owner for BIBA FOR HAIR 
Manage, develop and train staff and educators HairdressingEducation 

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